Ayako Berg

Ayako Berg was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. She graduated in psychology at Temple University Japan and was certified as an aromatherapist by the London School of Aromatherapy in1995. She then worked as an aromatherapist in hospitals for patients with neurology and endocrinology disorders.

In 1997, Ayako started an IFA (International Federation of Aromatherapists;a London-based British association) registered school, theLondon School of Aromatherapy Japan, as a training facility for professional aromatherapists, offering mainly 18-month courses. One of the first schools for professional aromatherapists in Japan, this year marks LSA Japan’s 20th anniversary.
Ayako has been learning and practicing Koh-Doh, which is a Japanese cultural game using Agarwoodand integrating classic Japanese literature with tea ceremony and Japanese calligraphy.
Counting 12 aromatherapy books translated into Japanese including Kurt Schunaubelt, Ph.D.’s “Advanced Aromatherapy” and “Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils,” Patricia Davis’s “Subtle Aromatherapy”and “Astrological Aromatherapy,” and Nelly Grosjean, N.D.’s “RecettesAromatiquesD’urgence.”In addition to translation, Ayako has also written three books about essential oils and massage.

Koh-Doh(香道) The Way of Appreciating Incense from Ancient Japanese Culture

Koh-Doh is the Japanese art of appreciating incense, which originated from informal incense games played by the Japanese aristocracy in the late Muromachi period (15 CE). It developed as a highly codified practice along with the tea ceremony and literature. As in other civilizations, using incense in ancient Japan was exclusively reserved for those in high society, and was thought of as an extremely extravagant art.

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