David Chun-Ming TSENG

David C.M. Tseng received his Ph.D. from National Chi Nan International University of Taiwan in International Business Management. He is the author of three textbooks used in the university, two for management while another one for aromatherapy published for ten years ago.

David Tseng is the founder of Association of Beauty Administration (ABA) Taiwan (1994). ABA cooperates with more than forty universities they have departments of Cosmetology or skin-care etc. both in Taiwan and China. ABA is the publisher of Journal of Cosmetology Science & Management (ISSN 17276799) issued since 2003.

Up from the winter of 2008, Tseng paid much effort to combine Traditional Chinese Medicine to Aromatherapy with valuable assistance from the professors and experts in the fields of TCM and Aromatherapy in Taiwan and China. The presentation will explore this unique & new-developed innovation. How TCM Aromatherapy acts with essential oils distilled from classic Chinese herbs under the theories and rules of TCM.

David Tseng is also holding the following positions:
1. President of Cosmifi Corporation Importer of European skincare and essential oils, since 1989
2. Chairman of the Board of Directors: - Chinese Association of Beauty Administration (ABA), since 1994
- International Federation of TCM Aromatherapy (IFTCMA) 2017
3. Publisher of: - The Journal of Cosmetology Management, since 2003, ISSN 17276799
- International Journal of TCM Aromatherapy, ISSN 25226592
4. Guest Professor:
- Polus International College, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
- Hubei Polytechnic Institute, Hubei, China
5. Honor Managing Director of Chengdu Institute of Medical Cosmetology Aromatherapy, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
6. Education Ministry registered teacher in the university, Taiwan

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