Krishnamoorthy Vijayakumar

K. Vijayakumar, an Electrical Engineering Graduate, Bangalore University, chose to pursue the family business in Perfumery, soon after graduation, in 1971, & acquired a Diploma in Perfumery from from the world renowned Roure School of Perfumery, France, in the year 1976, to qualify in this niche industry. His primary Company Vigirom P. Ltd., is currently in a collaborative venture with the MG Fragrance Company, Turkey, manufacturing and distributing Fragrances, pan India, including a wide range of Aroma ingredients and raw materials.

Apart from his business, Vijay is passionate about Organic and Natural farming, experimenting in, and cultivating aroma crops like Patchouli, Vetyvert, and Vanilla, and aroma related farming activity, conducting trials and research, at his 20 acre Organic farm in Bangalore. More recently, he set up India's first and largest Solar run Aquaponics plant, with Canadian technology and knowhow, to pursue sustainable and viable organic farming, and cater to the consumers' growing demand for quality and healthy organic food.

His latest experiments centre around growing Aroma crops in controlled conditions, in the same Aquaponics facility, to determine if growth, quality, and yield surpass traditional open field cultivation results, and if there is scope and opportunity to change and adopt new and viable technology, if results are promising. Vijay is also actively involved in several non profit organisations that support social rehabilitation, village development, school education for the underprivileged, and in the promotion of India's cultural heritage, tradition, and history. An active sportsperson and a health freak, 68 year old Vijay regularly represents India in the 65+ category, at the World Badminton Championships and has been a National Champion for several years.

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