Doctor Mao Haifang, graduated from Beijing Institute of Photographic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences,1996. He is currently a Professor at Shanghai Institute of Technology; He was the deputy director of Shanghai Research Institute of Fragrance and Flavor Industry 2006-2008, and the Vice General Manager of Jiaxing Zhonghua Chemical co., LTD, 2008-2013.

His main research area is the research of fragrance and medicine products and industrialisation promotion. He is the editor-in-chief of two textbook (the Technology of Synthetic Perfumery and the Technology of Nature Perfumery); Published more than 40 academic papers.

Item: Biomass Vanillin Industry and the Development Tendency Item content:
1. Vanillin Basic Information: introducing vanillin industry.
2. Marketing concept of Nature Vanillin and Biomass Vanillin: the concept of Nature and Biomass Vanillin, and the different of them.
3. Biomass Vanillin: the different source of Biomass Vanillin in the market; how to distinguish it by Isotope test.

Overview: Biomass Vanillin is welcomed by the market; How to distinguish, produce, sell and use in an orderly manner, need your attention.

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