Midha Aromatica

Midha Aromatica is the founder of HELBY Course of Aromatherapy, the first training institution of Aromatherapy in Indonesia. She is a national speaker who is trusted by the government of Indonesia to conduct an aromatherapy training using native Indonesian essential oil. She is frequently invited as a speaker in several universities as well as health institution. She collaborates a lot with many other field experts like organic spa, yoga, hypnosis, self empowerment etc. Some of her successful classes and seminars are The Secret of Aromatherapy Blending; Aromatherapy for Skincare and Natural Beauty; Auratherapy with Aromatherapy; Connecting Your Essential Oil – Connecting The Universe.

She explores Neuroscience and Quantum Physic to create a special aromatherapy method so that an individual can get “the peak performance” in his/her life through aromatherapy. This method can also be applied in beauty, health, relationship, business, intelligence and spiritual.

Aside of being a professional aromatherapist, she is also a businesswoman who owns Essotic Aromatherapy product line. She understands things that are needed by human soul that can be fulfilled by aromatherapy and she wants to dedicate herself into this matter.

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