Tsukasa Nagashima

After graduation of Meiji University A Master of Agriculture, joined to Takasago International Corporation. While 43 years working for Takasago, essential oil chemistry & production technology, natural product chemistry, synthesis of new aroma chemicals and overall flavor & fragrance science have been studied. The structure determination of 4 new sesqui-terpene compounds contained in Jinko (Agarwood) is one of my best job in the work history of Takasago and the outcome of this study was lectured at IXth International Congress of Essential oil in Singapore. Later half of my history in Takasago, I have been traveled many countries to conduct technical coordination such as technical transfer to tall manufacturer, technical presentation to big name global customers and others.

After retirement of Takasago, I started to educate essential oil and herb chemistry to a people who are studying in this field, for them to brush up knowledge as well as having mentality that plant is constituted by organic chemicals and learn them on chemistry point of view is closely linked to better understanding of herbs and aroma. To improve Japanese essential oil situation is also my current mission. This is closely linked to activate country side where they have not much job opportunity and in low income situation. To utilize resources that are available there and making essential oil is beneficial for both people and economy.

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