Ms. Yun Xiao, a senior engineer, is the Managing Director of Guilin Four Seasons Sunshine F&F Co., Ltd., Deputy Chairman of Guangxi Province Association of Fragrance Flavor and Cosmetic Industries, and Deputy Director of Natural Fragrance Professional Committee of China. Leading the team, in 2016, she completed ten National Security Standards of Osmanthus Absolute, Jasmine Absolute, etc.

She has successively held the posts of R&D Engineer, Technology Minister, CTO and Assistant General Manager, Deputy General Manager, General Manager in Guangxi Fragrance Research Institute, Guilin Fragrance General Factory, and Guilin Jiqi Fragrance Co., Ltd. She has engaged in the manufacturing of flavors and fragrances for 25 years, with plenty of experience in natural fragrances, plant and animal extraction manufacturing and business administration. She has insights and creative spirits in enterprise strategic planning, marketing, product researching and developing, and risk & asset management.

The Importance of Quality Management in the Production of Natural Fragrance

The different varieties, origins and refreshments of natural raw materials can make an enormous impact on natural products. We separate the varieties, origins and refreshments of raw materials in quality management, in order to make the products of natural fragrance serialization, precision and specialization. And through effective methods, strictly control the pesticide residues, and phthalate (plasticizer).

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