Zhang Ning

Zhang Ning, man, born in June 1950, Chaohu city, Anhui Province. Graduated from East China University of Science and Technology, September 1982, College of Mechanical Engineering, Pressure Vessel Direction, Master of Engineering. Professor-level senior engineer, enjoy the State Council Special Allowance Experts.

Main Work Experience in the Flavor and Fragrance Industry
May 1995 into the F&F industry
Former Shanghai Research Institute of Flavors and Fragrances, Deputy Director,
Shanghai Takasago Union F&F Co, Ltd, Deputy General Manager,
Shanghai Shenbao F&F Co., Ltd., General Manager,
US-owned Shanghai Comax F&F Company, Co., Ltd., General Manager,
Huabao (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd., Consultant,
Shanghai Hengxin Testig Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager,
Yongzhou Samshiang F&F Co., Ltd., General Manager.

Major Thesis Writing:
1. Translated: US FDA Food Regulations (2001 Edition, Light Industry Press)
---Part of Food Additives ;
2. The Mints Industry in India;
3. Managing Odor Issues: Odor Control, Response and Corrective Active, IFRA/IOFI Information Letter “Managing Odor Issues: Odor Control, Response and Corrective Active”, May 16, 2011.
--- Engineering Methods to Prevent Diffusion of Odor
4. Fine Processing and Comprehensive Utilization of Litsea Cubeba oil.
5. Determination and Isotope Analytical Method for Origin of Natural Aromatic Substances
6. Determination and Analytical Method for Origin of Aromatic Substances
7. Review on the Safety and Fine Processing Technology of Natural Aromatic Materials
8. Deeply Processing of Natural Aromatic Ingredients: Opportunity and Challenge
9. Ultra-high Pressure Processing of Food Materials.

Major Thesis Writing:
Fengxian Production Base Construction of Shanghai Research Institute of Flavors & Fragrances;
Construction of Flavor Workshop Shanghai Takasago-Union Co., Ltd;
Expanded production of natural maltol;
Feasibility Study on Planting Vanilla in Hainan Island, China;
Tobacco leaf Vacuum Dry-distillation Equipment and Technology;
Handbook of Smokeless Tobacco Additives, for Shanghai New Tobacco Engineering Center

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