Participating as a Sponsor at the AAC-AAIC 2018 can take you straight to your target market and demonstrate your level of support and commitment to the office professional industry.

The AAC-AAIC 2018 can provide your organization with the followings :
  • Maximum exposure at a premier conference devoted to those involved in the office professional industry.
  • An opportunity to build and reinforce strategic relationships within the office professional industry.
  • Time to network with industry colleagues and key decision makers.
  • A cost effective way to reinforce your organization's brand and build brand awareness amongst a relevant audience.
  • Access to a broad network of industry partners from state and regional Government departments and the private sector.
  • Time to present latest innovations and new products or services to a pertinent audience, and showcase your expertise and capabilities.
  • Increased marketing opportunities including visibility on the conference website and associated marketing materials.

Look forward to hearing from you soon and should there be any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact The Committee and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Thank you,



The sponsorship model allows you to capture delegates’ attention in a variety of ways,
depending on the specific needs of your business.

We understand that these needs may not necessarily fit into the prescribed levels outlined
in this document, and we therefore invite you to discuss with us alternative options available to
tailor-made a sponsorship package that best suits your organization.

The AAC-AAIC 2018 has several sponsorship packages available, providing sponsors with a
choice of exposure related to financial commitment, which are :



Payment & Cancellation Policy
  • All rates are quoted in IDR (Rupiahs) inclusive of prevailing government tax.
  • The Currency Rates subject to change. In the current money market, generally apply
    US Dollar 1 equals Rp 13,300 - Rp 13,500 .-
  • The Committee takes no responsibility for subsequent exchange rates applied by the credit
    card companies, when your statement is converted into other currencies. Bank charges and
    commissions are to be borne by Delegates.
  • Any cancellation must be advised in writing to The Committee. If the cancellation is received up
    to 3 months before the event, an administration fee of 25% of the total price is retained. If the
    cancellation is received less than 3 months prior, no refund is applicable.

  • The Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any application for sponsorship at its
    absolute and unfettered discretion with the return of any deposit paid.
  • Company advertisements and satchel inserts are subject to approval from The Committee
  • All sponsorship packages are inclusive of prevailing government tax
  • Payment Terms : 60% deposit required prior to confirmation of sponsorship. 40% final
    installment required by March 15, 2018.
  • Full terms and conditions can be found on the conference
  • An event Handbook which contains important information such as rules & regulations,
    delivery and access details, electrical testing and tagging requirements and lists of services
    available for hire and the necessary order forms will also be produced for all delegates.

To Confirm Sponsorship
  • Should you wish to confirm sponsorship, please complete the Online Registration thoroughly via this link : SPONSORSHIP
Sponsorship Enquiries
  • Please contact The Committee to discuss sponsorship packages and opportunities available
    in more detail: The Committee can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Allocation
  • Sponsorship packages, which may be limited in number, will be generally allocated to those
    company/organizations who apply earliest. Allocation of sponsorship packages regardless of the preference
    indicated, and alteration of the floor plan is at the discretion of The Committee, whose decision will be final.
  • Detailed Requirements and Due Dates
  • The Committee requirements regarding the artwork for logos and advertisements, specifications
    and delivery details for signage, arrangements for static display, delivery of satchel/ goody bags
    inserts or other arrangements will be sent to you in a confirmation letter at a later date with
    relevant due dates.
    In the event that materials, information or artwork required by The Committee are not received by
    the designated due date, their use for their intended purpose cannot be guaranteed. The value of
    these entitlements will not be refunded if this is the case. Logos will be requested in PDF or Jpeg
    at least high resolution 300dpi. Should an alternative format be received, The Committee cannot
    be held responsible for the quality of the logos displayed in any of the promotional material.

    Exceptional Circumstances
  • The Committee reserves the right to change the venue and duration if exceptional circumstances
    demand. In the event of a change of venue and/or duration, the agreement to participate will
    remain in force as long as the sponsor/ exhibitor is informed at least one month before the
    planned conference. The Committee will use reasonable endeavor to remedy the impact of
    exceptional circumstances.

    Liability / Insurance
    In the event of industrial disruptions or natural disasters, The Committee cannot accept
    responsibility for any financial or other losses incurred by the delegates. The Committee take no
    responsibility for injury or damage to persons or property occurring during the AAC-AAIC 2018.
    All insurance, including medical cover, or expenses incurred in the event of the
    cancellation of the AAC-AAIC 2018 is the individual delegate’s responsibility.

  • Attendees are encouraged to choose a travel insurance policy that includes loss of fees/ deposits
    through cancellation of your participation in the AAC-AAIC 2018, or through the cancellation of
    AAC-AAIC 2018 itself, loss of airfares for any reason, medical expenses, loss or damage to
    personal property, additional expenses and repatriation should travel arrangements have to be
    altered. The Committee will take no responsibility for any participant failing to insure. The sponsor
    is responsible for all personal injury, damage to property or other losses, liabilities or claims
    arising in connection with the sponsor’s participation at the AAC-AAIC 2018. The sponsor will
    indemnify The Committee in respect of any losses, liabilities or claims in respect thereof. The
    sponsor agrees to participate at its own risk and to take out adequate insurance in respect of all
    such losses, liabilities and claims. The Committee will take all reasonable precautions, to ensure
    the building is secure. To assist us, all persons attending AAC-AAIC 2018 must wear the official name badge at all times
  • Sponsorship Packages
    Sponsorship Proposal current as at September 5, 2017
    Please refer to the sponsorship packages in this Proposal for outlined benefits. Any
    variations to the description of each package must be as agreed in writing with The
    Committee. Sponsorship entitlements will not commence until the registration is completed
    and the payment received by The Committee

    Trade Registrations
    Trade registrants are not permitted to attend conference sessions or social functions unless
    the relevant tickets are offered as part of the particular sponsorship package.
    However, should trade registrants wish to attend the conference as a delegate or attend
    social functions, the appropriate registration form must be completed and forwarded to The
    Committee together with the applicable registration fee.

    Main Venue
    The sponsors and the servants, agents, contractors and invitees of the sponsor are also to
    observe the rules, regulations and procedures as prescribed by The Committee and The
    Venues (Royal Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta & Plaza Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta)

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